Wonderful You Tube Video On Knitting

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This film highlights a West Coast Canadian Inuit culture knitting tradition


Sharity brightens up another’s DAY!

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This was the second shawl I did and I hung onto it.

I had the feeling I would find the person it belongs to  and I sure did.

My co worker Mollie I asked her how she was doing and how her weekend was she told me her Grandma Stella wasn’t feeling well. I asked her when she was next going to see Stella and I was all ready it was done and I brought it to work in a gift bag and gave it to Mollie!  Mollie took pictures of her and her Grandma and WOW STELLA IS A GORGEOUS GRANDMA MODEL!!

The Best part is she is feeling better!Prayer Shawls work wonders on the spirit!


Caplet finished!!!! SCRUMBLED IT UP!!

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I finished it off with a seashell from my trip to South Carolina and a bead as a closure.

So happy!!! I will have to add the finally picture I took later

Yeah I love scrumbling!! IMG_0932

2015-03-23 12.44.38 2015-03-23 12.44.52

Another Prayer shawl

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The church group has hit a financial snag so I will be doing this last prayer shawl.

But I want to start making clothes for myself so this will give me more time for this. So far it is just going pretty well.

Since I am not following a pattern I am guessing as to when I will start end on the opposite side . We will see hope to finish this by this week! The first shawl was given to a very sick lady who made an amazing recovery this was nice to hear this update!

2015-02-11 12.47.532015-02-11 12.47.38

Almost done on my first caplett!

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The neck just needs to be done!

2015-02-12 19.50.132015-02-03 13.35.512015-02-03 13.35.31

Headband done~

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My first headband done and this stitch was something I found done by a young Romanian Girl on Youtube

I think I made it kinda thick but my ears are so warm!!! I am keeping it this way!

2015-02-26 13.02.44

Which I will include here

What I like about this stitch is that it looks knitted! And so fast!

1st Freeform crochet project

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I have an idea for my first free form crochet . I am about 30 percent done.

I love this yarn!IMG_0770