Great scarf in Crochet

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First cable hat !

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After seeing this wonderful You tube video I decided I wanted to make this hat

2015-09-20 00.18.40

It begins!!!

Sharity Goes Awry

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Here is a look at a blanket I made for myself inspired by my self proclaimed status of being a mermaid. I wanted it to look like a fishing net/. I made up the stitch on the fly I like the octagon shape of the wholes. Looking a the pictures now it also resembles a chain link fence ! I liked it so much I decided to make on of my co -workers one she is my age and had a stroke and had to leave her job. She is a great lady and I thought I would make her a matching one. I made mine to look like water and netting together. My friend like tropical colors and I thought this reminded me of fun colors like bubble gum.2015-09-20 01.54.462015-09-20 01.54.55 2015-09-20 01.55.25

So then I had a great idea to never actually write down the pattern I did for the first one. So I decided to make a similar blanket then. I asked her what colors she liked I pre bought all the yarn. After crocheting like two skeins of Baby Bernat Big Ball ” Little Sunshine” and awaiting the lime colored edging well the rest of the balls are no longer findable. My Mother has mental illness issues and she hides things from me for safe keeping thinking someone is going to steal them so I guess she hid the rest of the yarn. Jo- Anns no longer sells this color !! So I guess this one will be a cat blanket for my cat Bub and I start on a new one ūüė¶ ¬†I might have to go online to ¬† and but a few skeins. Wish me luck!!¬†2015-09-20 00.18.14

First hat for myself

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2015-09-20 00.15.05 2015-09-20 00.15.33 2015-09-20 00.15.40 2015-09-20 00.16.06

The First Hat of Laura Chorba

Here is proof of this journey of me designing a first hat! It will be knit and crochet together the rust color will be the ribbed banding of which I plan to do a good amount  I may put some rows of the rust into the top part of the hat not sure yet. I am going for  retro hairnet  hold on the head note a Monica Lewinsky inspired Beret I promise !

Yes I went to the sale yarn bin… why do you ask?

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JO-Anns had this very nice boucle yarn for only 97 cents per skein! Discontinued sadly.

I notice there is a real discontinuation of boucle far and wide amongst Bernat and other companies? It is so wonderful to work with and I love the effect.

Presently I am making a shawl with no pattern here. These needles really work well with it! ¬†I have never worked with a self patterning yarn so it was interesting to look up all the projects on Raverly to see how differently things come out. How many skeins did I get ? ¬†I bought like 25 skeins to make a very large body wrap/shawl cannot wait to see what it looks like. I wish I could sample different patterning more but it is yard to rip out and then I would have wasted that yarn. Frugality sucks at times ! This past weekend was the Sheep And Wool Festival in Jefferson Wi I wanted to meet and take a class with Annie Modesitt. ¬†her videos and info was of great help when I was learning¬†combination knitting she creates wonderful patterns as well. Just wasn’t feeling well enough to drive the 45 min one way to go there in the end.

I hope to go next year we will see.

2015-09-20 00.16.58 2015-09-20 00.17.16

Sock Fever catches on

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What are you looking at ? Why it is my very first toe in a toe up sock ! I decided I was struggling with the yarn (bad buy) so I decided to start on another one I had in my stash. I am liking the twisted type of fingerling type yarns.

So here is my very first sock  ( unfinished). I will admit the class I took I was sorta disappointed we did not get to finish the socks in class. I think three classes was far too few but I became very comfortable with magic loop and short rows ( learned German short rows and wrapping stitches ) so I think I learned a lot in three classes


The little band I did here by twisting stitches by mistake I really like a lot !



Fin Art

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Something from the old days which is truly new an unique.